The Wild and Questionable Adventures of Five Lost Souls

Adventure Night 2: Elven mafia and crazy Go boards

After having battled the bone golem and/or been punished for being jerks, the party met up once again to hear a request from Tithian. He told them about a merchant named Devyn Littlefoot and that she was not paying her taxes and hadn’t in some time. He gave the group some credentials and charged them to collect the merchant’s taxes and bring it back to him. He then left the group to gather their equipment and prepare for the job that lay ahead.

Most of the party opted to keep the sun off their skin, save the greasy wizard, who used his robe as a turban and might end up getting a sunburn because of it. The party travelled through the Elven markets, in which the monk’s purse was lifted and the party decided to give chase. This split the party into two groups. One went after the direct one who lifted the purse, the other went after the guy who it was handed off to.

After cornering both, the elves called to their bretheren that were hiding in the stalls and started a fight. This is how Chris acquired a couple of shuriken as the tussle went on. The elves were thoroughly defeated and told not to steal again.

Thus, the party was able to continue on their way to Ms. Littlefoot’s shop. After failing to convince her to pay her back taxes (and getting lectured about how Tithian is a cruel moneybleeder in the process), Ms. Littlefoot went up to a portable go board and saw that it had activated, showing stones in the different colors of the Chinese elements. She exclaimed “You’re the Assassins of Athas!” grabbed the go board and ran downstairs, warning whatever friends she had down there to their coming. The party started to give chase when the night ended.



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