The Wild and Questionable Adventures of Five Lost Souls

Night 3: Halfling and Dwarves and magical Go boards, oh my!

As we left off last time, our adventurers were deciding what to do; give chase or tell Tithian that Ms. Littlefoot had escaped. Knowing that their return home could be in jeapordy if they failed their first mission, they pursued her down in to the basement. It looked empty, but Brandie spotted a hidden passageway that went further down.

The first to go down the hole was Chris, and once he cast a light spell on a spoon, tossed it down towards the other end of the inky hallway, revealing two halflings, who promptly gave him a headache. The second down was Brandie, who charged the halflings with her bug-leg khopesh, but missed. (feel free to correct me on this) Then the rest of the team came down the hole, the halflings retreated and a pair of staunch dwarves took their place, bringing Brandie down to see her own blood. This enraged her, and while she was healed a few times by Sean, she remembered her LARP training and got hit after hit after hit, with varying degrees of damage. They however restrained their last blows to leave the dwarves alive, but unconcious.

After dodging a few pot-shots (and Chris trying to crawl around the hallway, throwing the shuriken he got in the last battle and horribly missing), they finally caught up to the halflings and Ms. Littlefoot. She berated them for coming after her and that she’d have to kill them before they became whatever she thought they were going to be. She seemed to warm up for a magical spell, only to be betrayed by a different halfling by knocking her out. He said that he’d meet the group another time and explain, but for now, he had his quarry. He’d jumped up to a really high ledge and left after that.

Once the action had calmed down, Brandie found the Go board Ms. Littlefoot had taken. Picking it up before the wizard’s hands could grease it up, she examined it. Seeing as it was magical, Toan appeared.

“Oh, you guys found it!” He said with a smile.

He then explained that the magic in the stones this go board held would match their souls. He sensed into them and gave Brandie the green, Lindsey the red, Chris the blue, Sean the black, and reserved the bard (who’d slipped coming down the stairs and was knocked out cold) the light blue/white. What these artifacts were to do was unknown, but after a little explanation of the world, Chris got a hold of the go board and has greased it up.

On their way out, they picked up the bard, raided the till for what Ms. Littlefoot owed Tithian (plus a finder’s fee), and talked their way past some patrol guards with their credentials. Once out of earshot, Lindsey said she heard them talking about “an unregistered caster”. What this means, the party doesn’t know yet, but Brandie has resolved to look at the law books concerning the matter once they get back to the castle and turn in their job.

Adventure Night 2: Elven mafia and crazy Go boards

After having battled the bone golem and/or been punished for being jerks, the party met up once again to hear a request from Tithian. He told them about a merchant named Devyn Littlefoot and that she was not paying her taxes and hadn’t in some time. He gave the group some credentials and charged them to collect the merchant’s taxes and bring it back to him. He then left the group to gather their equipment and prepare for the job that lay ahead.

Most of the party opted to keep the sun off their skin, save the greasy wizard, who used his robe as a turban and might end up getting a sunburn because of it. The party travelled through the Elven markets, in which the monk’s purse was lifted and the party decided to give chase. This split the party into two groups. One went after the direct one who lifted the purse, the other went after the guy who it was handed off to.

After cornering both, the elves called to their bretheren that were hiding in the stalls and started a fight. This is how Chris acquired a couple of shuriken as the tussle went on. The elves were thoroughly defeated and told not to steal again.

Thus, the party was able to continue on their way to Ms. Littlefoot’s shop. After failing to convince her to pay her back taxes (and getting lectured about how Tithian is a cruel moneybleeder in the process), Ms. Littlefoot went up to a portable go board and saw that it had activated, showing stones in the different colors of the Chinese elements. She exclaimed “You’re the Assassins of Athas!” grabbed the go board and ran downstairs, warning whatever friends she had down there to their coming. The party started to give chase when the night ended.

Night 1.5: n00b Combat Training
Saving throw versus 1337$p3@|<... Damn.

That night, while Patrick and Sean rest, Brandie, Christopher, and Lindsey are taken down to a small room to practice combat. Christopher was able to convince to DM to let him have a candle, only to be told it wasn’t lit. Before long, the three begin hearing a the rattling of bones coming from the only exit. Brandie and Lindsey took up positions near the center of the room, while Christopher stood in a corner watching a small spider try to scrape together a living while making mortgage payments on a web he obviously couldn’t afford.

As the rattling got closer, a figure appeared, a bony skeleton. The creature made its way to the center of the room and stopped before it reached the two girls, choosing instead to strike both of them from a distance, stunning them. Left with limited choices, Brandie chose to shift back out of its range. Lindsey made an attempt to run past it to the side of the room near Christopher and attack the skeleton in the process, discovering as she did so that anything that got within a certain distance caused the skeleton to extrude numerous spikes from all over its body, injuring anyone too close.

Christopher opted to move closer to it in the hopes of learning more about it. At this time, an avatar of Toan, appeared before him, explaining that the creature was a magical construct, a pile of bones brought to life by enchantment. Instead of attacking, Christopher casted a light spell inside the construct’s head, hoping to blind it, if not disable it. Unfortunately, this seemed to have no effect on the construct. When this didn’t work, Christopher cast a thunderwave on it, to push it as far away as possible. Again, this didn’t have much effect, as the construct came right back and struck Lindsey and Christopher. Fortunately, not badly enough to stun them.

Rest of fight: Too lazy to write it all out.
Brandie still stunned, marks the construct as suseptible to her aegis of shielding whle borrowed dice were hating on her (That’s the last time I forget my dice!).
Lindsey runs past it again
Christopher casts grasping shadows then tries to camouflage himself while in plain sight and fails horribly until his next turn.
Construct attacks Brandie and Christopher, fails to stun them.
Forgot what Brandie and Lindsey did here.
Christopher threw an unlit candle to Lindsey and missed horribly.
Construct attacked Lindsey, and with it being marked, Brandie mitigated some of the damage it did to her via the aegis of shielding (this was after the DM said screw it, you’re undazed b/c of rolling so badly for so long).
A bunch of apples are dropped into the corner of the room nearest the group.
Brandie had to spend a healing surge to keep from dying.
Lindsey prepares a fire spell for when Christopher casts grease.
Christopher runs really far away and casts grease just out of range of hitting the others, triggering Lindsey’s fire spell and killing the construct, which exploded, critically wounding Brandie and Lindsey.
Christopher, the only surviving member, grabbed the apples and fed them to the injured team members, who were then healed.
Christopher saved one apple and did a check on it.
Toan appeared again and explained that the apples are this world’s version of healing potions. Since there is no bodies of water, no wells, and no rain, the only source of water comes from fruits and vegetation. The apples are magically enhanced.
The construct had nothing to loot, but Christopher took a shard of bone from it.

End n00b harvest.

Day 1: Down the Rabbit Hole
Where the adventure begins.

Five adventurers sat around a table at a local establishment, minding their own business, eating, conversing. Without warning, the floor beneath them opened into a portal that consumed them all. They were subjected to blinding lights, blurry images, and unknown sounds they couldn’t quite hear. Only one of them managed to see something clearly. A vision of a dark figure and a beautiful woman; a foreshadowing of things to come.

Just as quickly as they were spirited away, they were flung back out, crashed through a ceiling, and landed ungracefully in what appeared to be marketplace. The adventurers tried to gather themselves, discovering that they know possessed knowledge and memories of another person, another life. These five adventurers were Brandie Black in the body of Sauri Per-Bast, a Cat Hengeyokai Swordmage, Christopher Bible, a Human Illusionist Wizard, Lindsey Sablatura, a Monk, Patrick Clinton, a Bard, and Sean Bartell, an Ardent.

Once they had their bearings, they realized they were surrounded by people, all armed and none of them happy to see them. The company took quick inventory of their surroundings, looking for weapons, shields, and anything else they might be able to quickly grab if things got violent. Christopher, however, asked one of the nearest men the price for one of the many daggers lining a stall.

The man walked to Christopher and said in an unsettling tone,
“The price is your liver”.

Christopher contemplated this for a moment and responded,
“Well, I have two kidneys…”.

It was obvious that the man wasn’t expecting that, but it wasn’t enough to cause him or anyone else to drop their guard, an opportunity the others were greatly hoping for.

The tension in the room was high, but before anyone could make a threatening move, a band of guards came around on patrol, and politely demanded the group of gamers surrender to them. The five were basically unarmed, outnumbered, and disoriented by the unfamiliar surroundings, so they reluctantly let themselves be escorted to the jail of what appeared to be the largest building in the immediate area. The walk to the the jail was a stark beauty seen from this tower, the grand city beyond it and a vast desert that stretched beyond the horizon gave a glimpse into the world they had arrived in.

Upon arriving at the jail, they were each thrown into individual cells. Christopher, on complaining that he didn’t want a bath, after noticing a bucket filled with muddy, stagnant water, was thrown into the smallest cell. Brandie, Sean, and Patrick were put in adjacent cells, and Lindsey was put in a cell across from the others. For a short while the company was left to their own devices. Long enough for Patrick to blow out a short tune on a harmonica, but not long enough for much else. Several guards appeared and presented each member with a bowl of questionable food. Before they could leave, Sean doubled over in agony in view of the guards, crying that he had been poisoned. The guards told him to suck it up and then left the room.

After a while longer, everyone started moving around more, looking for some way to escape the confines of their cell. Upon closer inspection, they realized that the bars, and in fact much of the room was constructed of wood. Lindsey attempted to punch through, but found that the wood was harder than stone. Patrick tried to shatter the wood by finding a resonating frequency with his harmonica. While it did work, it was not enough to weaken the bars.

“Try that again, and I can try to toss a Thunderwave at your bars also,”
suggested Christopher.

Lindsey, being directly between Christopher’s and Patrick’s cells, and in the the line of fire, immediately shot down the idea.

At this point, Toan made an appearance as a magical illusion. Explaining that the market-like place wasn’t where he wanted to drop the group off at, he charged them with finding his princess before answering a couple of questions of what he was (a high mage to the princess [I might be wrong on this, please correct if neccesary]), what in the hell happened to them (dropped through a portal to Athas), and why them (not quite answered because of something) before disappearing again.

Brandie was the first to escape her confines, turning into a black housecat so she could slip through the bars and make her way upstairs. Seeing her slip though, Christopher used his grease ability to soak himself and also tried to slip through the bars. Luck wasn’t on his side, though, as he got stuck after getting his head though the bars. Uncomfortable and upset by the current situation, Christopher prepared to set the bars, and himself, on fire, only to find that his fire spells had been removed by the DM.

“But without fire, I’m just a greasy wizard!” Christopher exclaimed.

Everyone else just laughed.

Brandie made it upstairs, attempting to investigate the tower and when she heard footfalls, hid from some guards behind some pots. The same guards came in to check on the rest of us, noticed that someone was missing, and someone overheard that something bad was going to happen to Brandie. I (Christopher) at some point got turned upside down and used Whispering Wind to warn Brandie to get back to her cell before they came back. Brandie avoided getting eaten by some guards who contemplated making a stew out of her while she was playing with the guards’ keys, trying to grab them to free her companions. She recieved the message and came back to the jail.

Once she came back, Christopher pleaded that she help dislodge his head from the bars. She put her foot on his head and was able to shove him back through the bars. Afterwards she returned to her cell and lamented the fact that her foot was now covered in grease. Shortly thereafter, the guards returned to the room.

“Your presence has been requested by the king”, they said before they released everyone from their cells.

Sean, however, continued to whine that he had been poisoned, so one of the guards carried him off to a nearby medical room.

Once they were being escorted by the guards, Brandie, Christopher, Lindsey, and Patrick are lead down a long hallway. Christopher examines the surroundings, in particular looking for metal, but so far everywhere has been surprisingly devoid of any. In fact, even the guards’ swords seem to be made of wood. Looking around a little more, the company notices that the building itself seems to be in a state of disrepair. Eventually they reach a large dining room full of tables, chairs, and typical dining wear.

Meanwhile, Sean was carried to a nearby medical room and laid on a table in the center. The guard left and the doctor came in. When the doctor turned his back, Sean took the opportunity to knock him unconscious. Looting the doctor yielded nothing of value, so Sean searched the room for anything he might be able to use. The only thing in the room that seemed worthwhile was a first-aid cabinet, but upon opening it, all he found were some apples. Although somewhat disappointed, he left the room to do a little exploring.

Back with the rest of the company, a man enters from the opposite end of the room, accompanied by guards. He introduces himself as Tithian, the king of Tyr, the city they are in. Tithian questions the company, asking why they invaded and what they intended to do. His response was a unanimous chorus of shrugs and “I don’t know”s.

“We’re not here because we want to be. We were sucked through a portal and happened to end up here. Besides, if we were invading, we wouldn’t come with no weapons, no supplies, such small numbers, and we definitely wouldn’t have made the entrance we did,” Lindsey argued.

Tithian conceded her point.

“So I assume you are going to want to try to find a way to return from whence you came? I will allow you to stay here for the time being, but… please put that back,”
Tithian commanded Christopher, who was trying to steal one of the metal spoons on the dining table in full view of Tithian and his guards.

“Does he do this often?” Tithian asked.

“I’m afraid so. We try to ignore him when we can,” Brandie explained.

During the exchange, Sean managed to make his way to the dining hall. The doors were being guarded by a pair of soldiers who were engaged idle conversation regarding one’s sister. Sean concentrated his focus on one of the soldiers, pushing spiteful, hateful thoughts into the soldier’s mind. Eventually their conversation took a violent turn, and the two guards began fighting.

On the other side of the door, the rest of the company, Tithian, and his guards could hear the commotion. Christopher attempted to steal the same spoon again, only to have the guards point their swords at him. Christopher used Ghost Sound to make the commotion coming from the other side of the dining room door seem more pressing, but Tithian dispelled the commotion, had the two fighting guards taken care of, Sean brought in, and out of exasperation, let Christopher keep the spoon.

(Some conversation happened here, but I can’t remember what it was about.)

“I’m just going to go ahead and ask. No offense, sir, but your grand palace seems a little worse for wear,” said Christopher pointing out the general state of disrepair of the room they were in.

“I’m surprised you can tell. Vast amounts of manpower and resources have gone into restoring this castle after a devastating battle about 100 years ago,” said Tithian.

(We talked about the battle long ago, Patrick asked about a princess and a man in black armor. Tithian didn’t know anything about a princess, but pointed out that the armor his guards wore was quite dark. He was also impressed with the way the group used their insight and abilities. Personally, I think he knows more than he’s letting on. I think he might also have psychic powers. I don’t know for sure, but I have a feeling he may be involved with the downfall of the previous king. Again, some of the finer details escape me. Also, at some point Christopher took possession of an unlit candle.)

End first day.

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