Healing Apple

9 out of 10 doctors have no idea how it works.


An apple that appears normal in appearance, but has powerful restorative effects when consumed.


These items were first encountered by Sean, who found them within a first aid cabinet in a medical room. At the time, they were disregarded as their effects were unknown.

Later, three of these apples were provided to Brandie, Christopher, and Lindsey during their fight with a construct. Two were used by Brandy and Lindsey after the fight to recover from life-threatening wounds. Christopher investigated the remaining apple to learn more about it.

Due to the extremely dry, desert environment, water is an extremely precious resource. There are no naturally occurring watering holes and no wells, the only significant source of water coming from fruits and other vegetation, which is cultivated and imbued with magical healing properties before being sold or used. While the apples have seeds, they are not viable, mostly likely as a result of the enchanting process.

The third apple is currently being held by Christopher.

Healing Apple

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