The Wild and Questionable Adventures of Five Lost Souls

Night 3: Halfling and Dwarves and magical Go boards, oh my!

As we left off last time, our adventurers were deciding what to do; give chase or tell Tithian that Ms. Littlefoot had escaped. Knowing that their return home could be in jeapordy if they failed their first mission, they pursued her down in to the basement. It looked empty, but Brandie spotted a hidden passageway that went further down.

The first to go down the hole was Chris, and once he cast a light spell on a spoon, tossed it down towards the other end of the inky hallway, revealing two halflings, who promptly gave him a headache. The second down was Brandie, who charged the halflings with her bug-leg khopesh, but missed. (feel free to correct me on this) Then the rest of the team came down the hole, the halflings retreated and a pair of staunch dwarves took their place, bringing Brandie down to see her own blood. This enraged her, and while she was healed a few times by Sean, she remembered her LARP training and got hit after hit after hit, with varying degrees of damage. They however restrained their last blows to leave the dwarves alive, but unconcious.

After dodging a few pot-shots (and Chris trying to crawl around the hallway, throwing the shuriken he got in the last battle and horribly missing), they finally caught up to the halflings and Ms. Littlefoot. She berated them for coming after her and that she’d have to kill them before they became whatever she thought they were going to be. She seemed to warm up for a magical spell, only to be betrayed by a different halfling by knocking her out. He said that he’d meet the group another time and explain, but for now, he had his quarry. He’d jumped up to a really high ledge and left after that.

Once the action had calmed down, Brandie found the Go board Ms. Littlefoot had taken. Picking it up before the wizard’s hands could grease it up, she examined it. Seeing as it was magical, Toan appeared.

“Oh, you guys found it!” He said with a smile.

He then explained that the magic in the stones this go board held would match their souls. He sensed into them and gave Brandie the green, Lindsey the red, Chris the blue, Sean the black, and reserved the bard (who’d slipped coming down the stairs and was knocked out cold) the light blue/white. What these artifacts were to do was unknown, but after a little explanation of the world, Chris got a hold of the go board and has greased it up.

On their way out, they picked up the bard, raided the till for what Ms. Littlefoot owed Tithian (plus a finder’s fee), and talked their way past some patrol guards with their credentials. Once out of earshot, Lindsey said she heard them talking about “an unregistered caster”. What this means, the party doesn’t know yet, but Brandie has resolved to look at the law books concerning the matter once they get back to the castle and turn in their job.



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