The Wild and Questionable Adventures of Five Lost Souls

Night 1.5: n00b Combat Training

Saving throw versus 1337$p3@|<... Damn.

That night, while Patrick and Sean rest, Brandie, Christopher, and Lindsey are taken down to a small room to practice combat. Christopher was able to convince to DM to let him have a candle, only to be told it wasn’t lit. Before long, the three begin hearing a the rattling of bones coming from the only exit. Brandie and Lindsey took up positions near the center of the room, while Christopher stood in a corner watching a small spider try to scrape together a living while making mortgage payments on a web he obviously couldn’t afford.

As the rattling got closer, a figure appeared, a bony skeleton. The creature made its way to the center of the room and stopped before it reached the two girls, choosing instead to strike both of them from a distance, stunning them. Left with limited choices, Brandie chose to shift back out of its range. Lindsey made an attempt to run past it to the side of the room near Christopher and attack the skeleton in the process, discovering as she did so that anything that got within a certain distance caused the skeleton to extrude numerous spikes from all over its body, injuring anyone too close.

Christopher opted to move closer to it in the hopes of learning more about it. At this time, an avatar of Toan, appeared before him, explaining that the creature was a magical construct, a pile of bones brought to life by enchantment. Instead of attacking, Christopher casted a light spell inside the construct’s head, hoping to blind it, if not disable it. Unfortunately, this seemed to have no effect on the construct. When this didn’t work, Christopher cast a thunderwave on it, to push it as far away as possible. Again, this didn’t have much effect, as the construct came right back and struck Lindsey and Christopher. Fortunately, not badly enough to stun them.

Rest of fight: Too lazy to write it all out.
Brandie still stunned, marks the construct as suseptible to her aegis of shielding whle borrowed dice were hating on her (That’s the last time I forget my dice!).
Lindsey runs past it again
Christopher casts grasping shadows then tries to camouflage himself while in plain sight and fails horribly until his next turn.
Construct attacks Brandie and Christopher, fails to stun them.
Forgot what Brandie and Lindsey did here.
Christopher threw an unlit candle to Lindsey and missed horribly.
Construct attacked Lindsey, and with it being marked, Brandie mitigated some of the damage it did to her via the aegis of shielding (this was after the DM said screw it, you’re undazed b/c of rolling so badly for so long).
A bunch of apples are dropped into the corner of the room nearest the group.
Brandie had to spend a healing surge to keep from dying.
Lindsey prepares a fire spell for when Christopher casts grease.
Christopher runs really far away and casts grease just out of range of hitting the others, triggering Lindsey’s fire spell and killing the construct, which exploded, critically wounding Brandie and Lindsey.
Christopher, the only surviving member, grabbed the apples and fed them to the injured team members, who were then healed.
Christopher saved one apple and did a check on it.
Toan appeared again and explained that the apples are this world’s version of healing potions. Since there is no bodies of water, no wells, and no rain, the only source of water comes from fruits and vegetation. The apples are magically enhanced.
The construct had nothing to loot, but Christopher took a shard of bone from it.

End n00b harvest.



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